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Participating in this program and getting to know the campers was an wonderful experience. The plus young campers in residence celebrated the sibling bond while enjoying boating, swimming, horseback riding, scrapbooking, trapeze artistry, a sibling birthday party, basketball, soccer, a mini-carnival, and literally climbing walls.

Since then, the number of volunteers has varied from year to year, but the level of commitment has only deepened. Camp to Belong That week together has a profound impact on the kids…providing a family connection and attachment that adds a sense of belonging, stability, and rootedness to their often challenging young lives. Looking for camp counselors for a week that summer, Peter reached out to our office, and a close connection was instantly forged. In casino morongo near cabazon caretired Boston Tax Partner Peter Harris became increasingly involved with the newly created Massachusetts chapter of Camp to Belong, a nonprofit organization that actively reunites brothers and sisters placed in separate foster or adoptive care through summer camp programs.

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